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fountainCome, visit, and enjoy the charming and unque blend of past and present, old and new, that typifies rural New Hampshire and our valley in particular. Walk along foot trails of the Abenaki Indians or follow the Baker River and open yourself to the awe-inspiring majesty of the mountains and wildlife of our area or take a drive to discover Curier and Ives villages and scenic views sure to satisfy your need for peaceful reflection.

If handicarfts and antiques are your interests, we have many quaint shops certain to intrigue you. You'll have comfortable lodgings and tempting cuisine, quiet trout streams and sparkling ski trails. If our charm and beauty captivate and enchant you, we can help you find, build and maintain your home here.

our map and if perchance you find yourself on an unmarked country road, relax - enjoy the adventure - and WELCOME!



Copyright 2012 Baker Valley Chamber of Commerce

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